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Kaitlin D
Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Technician Extraordinaire

Kaitlin became familiar with Veterinary Medicine at a very young age, as her father is Dr. Russ Demmon, DVM. She had the unique opportunity to grow up in a Veterinary Clinic, thus shaping her love for Animal Medicine.
Kaitlin has been actively working along side her father in Small Animal Medicine for the past 6 years. Her favorite part of Veterinary Medicine is that it is always new and changing, which keeps things interesting!

Kaitlin recently became the proud owner of an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Easton Reed. She also helps care for her brother's adorable beagle mix, Scout, while he is at school. She also shares a love for her family's cat, Tabby.

Kaitlin loves outdoor activities, especially at the lake. She also enjoys spending time with friends. Kaitlin also very much enjoys training with her dog, and learning new skills together.

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